Apology application to Boss for Rejoining the company

apology letter

Apology Application Letter to My Boss for Rejoining

Kind Attn: Dear Sir/Miss,
Great time

respected Sir, to start with, I need to apologies for my provisos mistake that changed into befell unintentionally. because of my lack of expertise, we are facing these bathrooms. I sense disgrace about this my act and extremely sorry for that.

Sir, as I have spent 5 years at your company and could no longer want to visit some other organization. This employer has put a variety of fees and needs to pay lower back for your agency.

it’s miles a humble request to cancel my preceding renounce and risk to renew my activity right here. As you are my reputable and honorable chief and will be given me once more

Your obedient employee
M. Asif

Application for Apology and Rejoining the Job

Respected sir

I am the junior clerk of your organization inside the finance branch. I am working for your organization for the remaining two years.

however, from last week, I remain absent without informing you, because of that you have caught off me from the agency. but that came about because of my mother’s accident.

She suffered from a head injury and stays admitted to a health center for per week and there was no who take care of her beside me so I continue to be absent from my activity. Now my mom’s health is ideal and that I want to continue my task.

Sir, I have a terrific record within the ultimate years, so sir kindly once more give me a risk. I will be thankful to you.

Thanks in advance
Zara Batool

Apology Letter for Employee Due to Misconduct

The Employer,
Telecom Company,
Subject: Apology letter for misconduct

Dear Sir,

I beg to the kingdom that I’ve been dedicatedly operating at your prestigious company for the past 3 years, delivering successful outcomes.

I’ve usually proven a surprisingly professional attitude and satisfactory viable manners. but, the remaining week had been very stressful for me due to my father’s illness. I had become very irritable and had shown annoyance to the clients.

I apologize for my misconduct and request you to kindly provide me depart for two days so that I’m able to get matters directly. I guarantee you that it gained’t occur again.

Thank you.
Asif Akmal.
CSR Officer.

Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance

Mr. John Ann, Nestle UAE,

Respected sir,

With all my due recognize I would love to make an apology for the non-critical behaviors and for now not filing the paintings in time, as I’ve informed you it is my first process and there also are some own family issues because of this I was no longer able to deal with paintings and accomplished not so nicely.

Please pardon me, I take duty for this unprofessional conduct, I guarantee you to preserve my non-public and expert existence separated and to offer my satisfactory for the betterment of the employer, I assume you to apprehend my hassle and give me every other danger, I shall be genuinely grateful for this prefer.

Yours sincerely,


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